Out of Place 2021 鄉關何處 Video Interview

Out of Place 2021 鄉關何處 Journal

Interview, Taitung Museum of Art

“Jonathan Grover describes his offering Chimes as an interactive sound sculpture and the way it works, is your body actually triggers a storm to occur, he says.” — NBC Bay Area [read more]

“Jonathan Grover's piece, an elegant circle dripping with long transparent strands, felt like interactive rain -- walking through the strands stimulated a sound garden of chirps and rumbles.” — J.D. Beltran, City Brights, Sf Chronicle [read more]

“Grover's piece, Chimes, is a fine example of how good art can be simple. Consisting of a small forest of touch sensitive acrylic rods, the visitor activates the sounds of falling water, building to a storm depending upon the level of their interaction with the work. Visually, the piece looks like a giant showerhead with jets of water frozen in place, they await a participant to unstick them in time. It is an interactive sensory experience that relates to body movement while it connects visitors to art in a rather magical way.” — Percolator Magazine [read more]