Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Jonathan Grover |

Born in Cleveland Ohio 1980
Lives and works in San Francisco, California

MFA San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, 2009
BFA Meyers School of Art, University of Akron, Akron, OH, 2004

2007-9 San Francisco Art Institute, MFA Grant

Solo Exhibitions
2010 "Presence," Lowerdeck Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions
2010 "Build Your Own World," Zero One Festival, San Jose, CA
"Symbolic Flow: Object & Gesture," Sub-mission Gallery, SF, CA
(performance), Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, Berkely, CA
"Wood vs Metal," Crucible's Cathedral Gallery, Oakland, CA
1st Thursday performance, Micaëla Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009 " festival," The Lab, San Francisco, CA
"Vernissage," MFA show, Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
"DIG," Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2008 "External Influences," Richmond Arts Center, Richmond, CA
"Composing Biology," Swell Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

2009 Eisenhart, Mary, “Don’t Miss," Sf Gate,
Beltran, JD “New Art from Fresh Minds," San Francisco Chronicle,
Beltran, JD “Freshly Varnished And Ready for Their Close Up," San Francisco Chronicle,

Media Coverage
2009 NBC Bay Area, “Enjoy This", Broadcast,
Downs, David, Pirate Cat Radio Podcast,

Catalogues and Publications
2009 "MFA Graduate Exhibition Catalogue", San Francisco Art Institute
Creative Quarterly 15, Fine Arts, (web gallery),

Selected Work
2010 Bridge, (Interactive sound sculpture) Using wireless metal boxes as activation points, participants complete sound circuits and build
up and break down resistive networks using skin to skin contact with others.

2009 Clothesline, (Video installation) phantom figures are projected onto clothelines, accompanied by sounds of crikets and old radio.
Table no.1, (Video installation) Television broadcasts are projected under a table, waving your hand it changes the channels.
Shadow, (Interactive video installation) Spectators shadow is trapped on to a screen where it is viewed as it dissaptes slowly.
Chimes, (Interactive sound sculpture) 200 touch sensitive clear acrylic rods, wood, steel, nylon ropes, electronics trigger rain sounds.
2008 Twilight Maps, (Multi media performance) w/ Peter Focault, Jake Coolidge; live audio and video performance creates drawings.
Red Push Pull, (Multi media performance) w/ artists: Peter Focault, Justin Hoover; kung fu battle strikes trigger video and drawings.
Sample Collective, (Sound recording) Collaboration; remixing of a single field recording into full length album.
Ants, (Sound installation) Infrared sensors triggered by ants to create music.
Pulse, (Interactive video installation) The striking of hand drums trigger original video loops.
2007 Borders, (Video) Changing shifting layers of videos in flash format.

2009 Instructor, Adult Continuing Education, SFAI, San Francisco, CA
2008 Teaching Assistantship, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
Website Consulting / Development, Van Viva Photography, San Francisco, CA
Instructor, Independent Web Design Workshops, San Francisco, CA
2007 Designer, Professional Finishing Systems Inc, Sylmar, CA
Instructor, Independent Web Design Workshops, Portland, OR
2006 Instructor, Independent Vector Graphics Workshop, Akron, OH
Illustration, Moss Jacobs Presents, Ragga Muffin Festivals, CA
Designer, Web Interactivity, Engineering Consultants Group, Akron, OH
2005 Web Design, Jordan Power Equipment, Tallmadge, OH
Designer, Hippnotik Clothing Co., Kent, OH

Skills: electronics, micro controllers, sensors, circuit hacking, MIG welding, wood working, metal smithing,
printmaking, photography, digital arts, illustration, sound production
Software/code: Max/Msp, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Encore, 3d Studiomax, Flash, Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, HTML, CSS, XML, Ableton Live, Audition, Logic Pro, Renoise, Acid, Buzz

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