New media artist and teacher, Jonathan creates interactive sound sculptures and art installations. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Meyers School of Art at the University of Akron, Ohio in 2004. After receiving an MFA Grant, he studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where he was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2009. He has worked nationally as a digital artist, sound production artist, and instructor. He has exhibited nationally, been published in Creative Quarterly, noted by The San Francisco Chronicle, and received media attention from NBC for recent sculptures. Jonathan currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY creating unique sculptures and installations developed for public interaction.


We glimpse outward at the world, self-contained and possesing a unique presence. Through interaction with the world, we develop boundaries, form identities, and inscribe meaning. It is our presence and the influence of our actions that define our space. Utilizing: tactility, sight, and sound as tools, my work engages the spectator directly in their varied level of participation. This free exchange allows for an experience based on the self-determined actions of each individual. In this exhibition, the role of the participant and performer is interchanged--highlighting awareness of our existence, exploring perceptions of self to space, and showcasing the meaning inherent in our actions.