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"Jonathan Grover describes his offering ‘Chimes’ as an “interactive sound sculpture and the way it works, is your body actually triggers a storm to occur,” he says." -NBC Bay Area [read more..]

"Jonathan Grover's piece, an elegant circle dripping with long transparent strands, felt like interactive rain -- walking through the strands stimulated a sound garden of chirps and rumbles." - J.D. Beltran, City Brights, Sf Chronicle [read more..]

"Grover’s piece, “Chimes,” is a fine example of how good art can be simple. Consisting of a small forest of touch sensitive acrylic rods, the visitor activates the sounds of falling water, building to a storm depending upon the level of their interaction with the work. Visually, the piece looks like a giant showerhead with jets of water frozen in place, they await a participant to unstick them in time. It is an interactive sensory experience that relates to body movement while it connects visitors to art in a rather magical way." - Percolator Magazine [read more..]

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